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Image by John Schnobrich

Our Services

We are a market research agency using a range of technical, creative and traditional methodologies to answer challenges and questions on behalf of our clients.

Bespoke Research 

We relish a challenge so whether you need 100 consumers taste testing a new product, 50 supply chain stakeholders with a view on industry opportunities or 300 farmers sharing their ideas on policy change, we find the audience, design the research and deliver the insight you need.


We use traditional methods like interviews, surveys, focus groups and workshops through to new and more niche technology like facial and speech recognition and planned behaviour data models.

What ever you might need to support your next decisions in strategy, marketing, operations or development, we can probably help you out. 

AI Driven Insight

This is the time to be in research and we are embracing it. We have built large scale text analysis that can run while we put the kettle on, developed integrations with other AI platforms for enhanced reporting and built bespoke analysis frameworks for studies in sentiment, behaviours and themes.


We have integrated historic data sets with new findings and mapped new reporting capability onto old findings. We did it so well that our accredited society, the MRS asked us to build and deliver a course for other researchers on it in 2024. 

Panels and Communities

We run our own successful panels and we also run panels and research communities on behalf of our clients. So if you have a project that you needs more long term engagement - talk to us and we have the expertise, software and platforms to support you and the business challenges you are working on.

Looking for something else?

If there is something here that has sparked an idea, or you have a question about a project you think we can help with but want more detail, please get in touch with us to talk it through. Chances are we have done something similar before and we love taking on something new! 

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