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Abstract Background

AI Research Tools

We were using AI to analyse qual at scale back in 2022, from there we have used AI paired with programming and coding to support our research efforts and drive better insights. It's not replacing the humans, it's giving the humans time away from the machines to be more human in our research. 


We have an exclusive data partnership with The Farming Forum, the UK's largest source of online conversation in agriculture. This gives us unique access to data going back to 2013. So if you are looking to understand more about sentiment, behaviours, adoption of tech, trends, opportunities and issues in agriculture we can tailor a report for you and show you how to get what you need. 

Whisper AI

Survey's are often formulaic and leading - even the best ones. Sometimes you need the quant data but other times you need to understand your consumer from their perspective... not from the questions you need the answers to. We run in person research projects with hundreds of people at a time - often the best feedback was what they shared on the way to the car park. 

We developed WhisperAI to solve this problem - what is being whispered in the margins that the quant can't get to?

It analyses qualitative responses in real time and at scale so you can have the organic thoughts and feelings from the people you want to know more about - it's like sitting at the table with them and it makes it all a bit more...human! 

Data Quality

The age of AI has brought with it a raft of issues on data quality. It has also brought some powerful ways to solve them. We treat every project on it's own merit and risks of data accuracy so we come up with some pretty great ways to ensure your data is a standard we hold ourselves to, that starts with quality respondents...

Bespoke Requirements

We have devised and developed bespoke data capture and analysis tools that sit within our projects. It may be receipt analysis through to behaviours and psychological elements such as facial and speech recognition. It makes our projects more creative, more enjoyable for the research participant and faster to analyse at greater depth.

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