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In the Supermarket

Food and drink need a panel that think.

We believe there is a problem with panels when it comes to the projects we work with. We don't think they are representative of your audience as they could be. Think about it, how many people do you know on a panel?
The future of research is in speaking to those that care, the early adopters, the ones that will move the needle and make changes in how they think, feel and do things...if you understand them. 
Flowers project

Food and drink deserves better

Food and drink are pretty important.


So why do we lump it in with all the other things we want to loo rolls and toothpaste and credit cards? We think it deserves it's own panel.


So we made our own and designed recruitment methods that reflected our vision of conducting research with genuine people who really cared about what they were eating, drinking and buying. 


We have covered concept testing, taste testing, consumer messaging, new product development, brand awareness, packaging and innovation.

Join thousands of consumers who want a say in how their food is produced, sold and eaten....and want to try the latest new products in food and drink, and get paid for it.


We have on-site research at our locations in Huntingdon and Peterborough, opportunities to take part in other locations across the country as well as at home opportunities where we send products out to you to try with the rest of the household.

Join up using the form below, and make sure you follow us on your favourite social channels to find out about upcoming projects, the products we care about and what the team get up to. 

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Join the Insight With Bite Panel

Let us know why you would make a great panellist below. We will get back to you on the email you gave us with a link to complete your profile and get started on some opinions, product trials and tastings that match up with your interests. 


Why our panellists say they join...

I absolutely love food and anything that has to do with food- weather it be shoppings, promotion, healthy options, sustainability, prices, sources, allergies, information, satisfaction, restaurants, food technology apps and everything. I like exploring things that are food related.


I have a keen interest in knowing where and how our produce us supplied and made.  I am a keen foodie and have worked closely with farmers in the past, and am keen to help safeguard our agricultural practices.


I love trying new foods and drinks and enjoy experimenting with different tastes. I often tell my friends and family my thoughts and make recommendations I think they would like. Sustainability is becoming more important to me.


I love food and especially love to try new products, tastes and really believe it’s the best part of life! 

I’m looking to become more sustainable and believe home grown is a great asset.


Hi there! My main reason for wanting to be part of this panel is the fact I’m the biggest foodie on planet earth itself, I tend to try to cook at home with a great deal of different cuisines tastes and textures I really look forward to joining a panel


I love food and think there are some great ideas out there but they often just miss the mark. I sometimes wonder how food reaches supermarket shelves tasting the way it does. I would love to be part of bringing better quality/tasting food to the UK market. Our tastebuds are often underestimated as we are stereotyped as having bland food. We are a lot more adventurous than people and companies give us credit for. We deserve better food!


Flowers project

We continue to partner with some of the world's largest panel companies, and sure, they have their place. But more and more as our panel grows, we find client's come to us just for our panel.


Panellists can't sign up without being checked by a member of our team that it's a good match for this kin d of research.


We don't reward responses with points for the number of completions on surveys and interviews - we think this is undermining the reason we want people to join. 


We aren't in the numbers game - if a panellists has lost interest and not responded to opportunities over a period of time, we politely ask them to move along to make room for others.  


We are only in the business of real people and we have tight controls on spam, bots, bad actors and professional panellists to stop them messing up your data. 

Why our clients pick our panel?

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