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Image by Tomas Hertogh

We get farmers heard, we get the agricultural industry listening

Our passion for food starts right at the grass roots in how it is grown. That is where our background in research lies and where we feel our role is exceptionally important in what we can contribute to the agri-food supply chain. No one gets farmers and farming like we do...and no one knows better than us that if you are running a farmer focus group, there better be a bacon butty involved! 

Why we are the ones for the job

Our research business started on a farm. Getting farmer's talking is what we do best, and we have had 30 years of practice! A big portion of our fieldwork team grew up in and around farming, which means we can walk the walk when we are talking the talk. We don't need to build rapport when it is already there. 

It's really important to be able to connect and understand agriculture in all it's complexities. That's why over 600 farmers have joined our research community in the first year of running and it keeps growing. 

We have some important principles that we stick to:

  • Farmers and their opinions should be paid for their time

  • We won't pester and hassle - if it's not for you then just tell us.

  • We tailor opportunities, so you will be invited to research that impacts you - not the things you don't care about.

  • We keep it friendly, many of our farmers know us by name and are happy to chat about some of the wider agri-food issues. 

  • Where we can, we share what has happened to the research we get farmers involved with, because they told us they like to know. 

  • We work with farming charities so that if we get a sense that there is something not quite right, especially when we are covering tricky topics, we work with our charity partners to help where we can. 

Join the Five Bar Gate Panel

Let us know why you would make a great panellist below. We will get back to you on the email you gave us with a link to complete your profile and once you are on board you will start to receive research opportunities that are relevant to you.

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Why our farmers say they join...

Managing 600 sheep and 300 cattle over 2000ac. Agriculture is my life, passion and career.


Farming is important to me because it's my livelihood and my life. It's part of everything I do. I would like to be part of research to express my opinion and unique perspective


I come from a farming background and have been involved since a young age. I have learnt everything through working along side family members and I love to expand my knowledge and skills. I love how it’s such a hard working lifestyle and how rewarding it is at the same time.


I farm in East Yorkshire - taking over from my dad who recently passed away. I always find it is important to provide feedback to help shape the views of policy makers.


Farming is important to me as it is one of my main sources of income, we are arable and pedigree cattle (beef) farmers. Research is  important as among other things we are at a critical point in farming where we need to increase our efficiency.


The way I and others farm have increasingly come under the scrutiny of the public and the pressures for nature recovery, Net zero, healthy sustainable food and public enjoyment of the great outdoors need the voices of the concerned parties from farming communities to be heard through all that noise in order that the needed trends towards our environmental goals do not smother the other needs of the economy and society in rural areas.


Our work has spanned the decades and the trends in agriculture we have covered everything from livestock health and machinery purchases through to seed treatments, biodiversity, carbon, farm finance and views on tree planting and water use. 

Our qualitative research methodologies involve in-depth interviews and focus groups with farmers, enabling us to understand their perspectives, challenges, and preferences. 

Complementing our qualitative approach, we employ robust quantitative methods to gather large-scale data on market trends, cropping, livestock production, and more.


Through surveys and statistical analysis, we obtain actionable information that assists our clients in making informed business decisions, and ensure that the views and opinions of UK farmers are fairly represented to the industry. 

Our team's intimate connection with agriculture sets us apart. We have first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by farmers, allowing us to empathise and gain a deeper understanding of their needs.


This expertise, combined with our extensive industry network, enables us to deliver tailored research solutions to meet our clients' specific requirements

Our clients have included  Defra, Bayer, NFFN, Natural England, NFU, The Environment Agency, Reading University, British Growers, RSPCA Assured, Red Tractor, Basis, Severn Trent, and many more.

Why our clients pick our panel?

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